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Thematic Series
Collective Behaviour

Edited by Asja Jelic and Kevin Painter
Collection published: 13 February 2024

Advancing Movement Ecology Through Freshwater Fish Tracking

Edited by Ivan Jarić, Robert J. Lennox and Marie Prchalová
Collection published: 13 November 2022

Honouring Wayne Getz’s Contributions to Movement Ecology

Edited by Sadie Ryan and George Wittemyer
Collection published: 24 July 2022

Integrating Movement Ecology with Biodiversity Research

Edited by Florian Jeltsch and Volker Grimm
Collection published: 2 July 2019

Cross journal collections
Selected research from the 8th Bio-Logging Science Symposium
Collection published: May 2024

Proceedings of the 6th International Bio-logging Science Symposium

Edited by Prof Susanne Åkesson and Prof Graeme Hays
Collection published: 15 May 2018

Proceedings of the 5th International Bio-logging Science Symposium

Edited by Yan Ropert-Coudert, Akiko Kato and Mark Hindell
Collection published: 1 August 2015