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Figure 3

From: Is there a single best estimator? Selection of home range estimators using area-under-the-curve

Figure 3

Example of area-under-the-curve showing differences in isopleths for 8 estimators of home range for Florida panther 185 collected with global positioning system (GPS) technology in 2011. Movement-based kernel density estimator (MKDE), location-based kernel density estimator using hplug-in smoothing (PKDE), location-based kernel density estimator using href smoothing (LKDE), Brownian Bridge Movement Model (BBMM), polygon-derived single-linkage cluster analysis (SLCA), polygon-derived characteristic hull (CHAR), polygon-derived local convex hull (LOCO), and dynamic Brownian Bridge Movement Model (dBBMM). Volume contours reflects isopleths from 0 to 100% (bottom left) and an example ROC curve (bottom right).

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