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Figure 1

From: Mapping migratory flyways in Asia using dynamic Brownian bridge movement models

Figure 1

Estimated migration routes and relative use of ruddy shelducks (RUSH) by population in the CAF. Data groupings based on geographic proximity of marking sites. From darkest to lightest, colors represent 50%, 75% and 99% cumulative probability contours. Marking sites include Qinghai Lake, China (QL), Brahmaputra River, India (BR), Hakaluki Haor, Bangladesh (HH) and Chilika Lake, India (CL). The western (green) route shows relative use for RUSH marked in northeast India and Bangladesh. The eastern (yellow-red) route shows relative use for RUSH marked at Qinghai Lake, China. Dotted lines represent the RUSH population-level range outlines depicted in Miyabayashi and Mundkur [16].

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