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Table 2 Relationship between step lengths and turning angles along movement path recorded for cougars and elk

From: Applications of step-selection functions in ecology and conservation

Species Fix-rate Mean r2 Max r2 N Method Sign of the relationship Source
Cougar1 3-hour 0.11 0.16 4 Linear regression4 - Banfield et al., unpublished data
Cougar1 15-min 0.17 0.22 7 Linear regression4 - Banfield et al., unpublished data
Elk2 5-hour NA < 0.03 11 Correlation NA [11]
Elk3 2-hour 0.02 0.07 73 Linear regression4 - Thurfjell et al., unpublished data
  1. 1from January to December – SW Alberta, Canada.
  2. 2winter – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA.
  3. 3during spring migration – SW Alberta, Canada.
  4. 4dependent variable: log-transformed step length; independent covariate: absolute turning angle.