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Table 6 Comparison of coarse behaviour model performance in the current study to Grünewälder et al. [41]

From: Categorising cheetah behaviour using tri-axial accelerometer data loggers: a comparison of model resolution and data logger performance

Modelled behaviour Performance (percent correct)
Grünewälder et al. [41] Current study—CEFAS Current study—GCDC
Sedentary/inactive 97.2 95.5 95.0
Mobile/active 82.0 86.9 89.3
Feeding 71.4   
Overall 90.8 92.7* 92.9*
  1. Provided are data for model performance (% categorised correctly) for each behaviour using GCDC and CEFAS accelerometers in the current study and mean performance of support vector machine (SVM) provided in Grünewälder et al. [41]. *Overall score also includes “Head movement”.