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Table 2 Interpretation of the parameters in Hollings’ equations of functional response types I, II and III

From: Holling meets habitat selection: functional response of large herbivores revisited

Holling type Use<availability for the entire range of availability if Use \(=\) availability for
I \(a<1\)
II \(b>a\) \(x=a-b\)
III \(b> a/2\) \(x_{1,2}= \frac{a}{2} \pm \sqrt{\left( \frac{a}{2}\right) ^2-b^2}\)
  1. a is the maximum proportional use of a habitat, and b the availability of a habitat at which the habitat is selected with half of the maximum probability. These conditions allow a determination of whether the proportional use of a resource unit is disproportionally low (proportional use < proportional availability) over the entire range of availability. If this condition does not hold, the value of availability at which it equals the proportional use can be determined