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Table 7 Linear models for proportion of time spent in hulls within categories 5 to 6 (very frequent visitation) for grey seals, Sable Island, Nova Scotia, 2009–2011 and 2013–2015

From: Sex-differences in fine-scale home-range use in an upper-trophic level marine predator

Bm + Sn4−89.80.310.1849.1
Bm + Sx4−
Sx + Sn4−
Sn + Sx + Bm5−87.72.440.0649.1
Sn + Sx + Sn * Sx5−
Bm + Sn + Sx + Sn * Sx6− 86.63.540.0449.7
  1. Fixed effects of each candidate model are body mass at deployment (Bm) and sex (Sx), Nseals= 81. Variables for model selection are Akaike’s information criteria (AICc, ΔAICc), Akaike weights (w) and log likelihood (LL)