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Table 4 Temporal budget of HMM behavioural states of the Persian leopards based on GPS relocation data at two phases based on 1-h data sampling interval for resident and non-resident collared leopards. The behavioural budget is analysed during general and caching phases. States are: 1 = slow and undirected movement, 2 = moderately fast and directed movement and 3 = fast and directed movement

From: Understanding decision making in a food-caching predator using hidden Markov models

Behavioural stateCaching phaseGeneral phase
State 1 (resting)State 2 (moderately active)State 3 (traveling)State 1 (resting)State 2 (moderately active)State 3 (traveling)
Resident individuals58%31%11%33%20%47%
Non-resident individuals68%24%7%44%30%26%