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Table 3 Effect of fuel load on nocturnal departure timing (proportion of night at departure) during the first night following capture in Northern Wheatears, European Robins and Common Blackbirds

From: Stopover departure decisions in songbirds: do long-distance migrants depart earlier and more independently of weather conditions than medium-distance migrants?

ParameterEstimate ± SE95% CIp
Intercept−1.284 ± 0.124− 1.527/− 1.040< 0.001
Species (European Robin)0.765 ± 0.2360.303/1.2270.001
Species (Common Blackbird)0.971 ± 0.2630.455/1.486< 0.001
Fuel load−0.283 ± 0.108−0.494/− 0.0720.009
  1. Estimates, standard errors (SE), 95% confidence intervals (CIs) and associated p-values of all parameters included in the final model are shown. P-values < 0.05 are given in bold font. Reference category for species is Northern Wheatear