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Table 3 General additive mixed models (GAMMs) fitted to explain the diel and environmental drivers of Overall Dynamic Body Acceleration (ODBA) of California horn sharks (Heterodontus francisci)

From: Active acoustic telemetry tracking and tri-axial accelerometers reveal fine-scale movement strategies of a non-obligate ram ventilator

ModelFamilySampling Window (min)Resample FunctionCorrelation at lag 1Degrees of freedomF-statisticp value of smoother
ODBA ~ s(Time of Day)Gaussian5Mean0.7364.1372.1820.0006
ODBA ~ s(Temperature)Gaussian5Mean0.9543.2433.3960.0108
ODBA ~ s(Depth)Gaussian5Mean0.7316.2176.895< 0.0001
  1. All GAMMs were performed on nighttime hours only (local sunset to sunrise) and included individual as a random factor. Significant fits are shown in bold; note that p-values of smoothers in GAM models fitted with mgcv are considered significant when p < 0.01 (Wood 2006). The correlation at lag 1 was determined by an autocorrelation function (ACF) and was included in the model to specify the autocorrelation term. Degrees of freedom are estimated by the mgcv package in R