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Table 1 Active Tracking Summary for California horn sharks (Heterodontus francisci)

From: Active acoustic telemetry tracking and tri-axial accelerometers reveal fine-scale movement strategies of a non-obligate ram ventilator

Shark IDLength (cm)Girth (cm)SexTrack Duration (h)DatesAcceleration Data Logger (ADL)Tagging LocationNotes
Shark 017932M24 hr23-24 Jun 2016Cefas G6a+Cefas G6a+BFC 
Shark 02**5924M24 hr11-12 Jul 2016Cefas G6a+Cefas G6a+BFCADL malfunctioned
Shark 037027F24 hr18-19 Jul 2016Cefas G6a+Cefas G6a+IR 
Shark 04 ***7634F13 hr28-29 Jul 2016Cefas G6a+Cefas G6a+BRTag fell off prematurely
Shark 057331M24 hr01-02 Aug 2016Cefas G6a+Cefas G6a+BR 
Shark 067636F24 hr05-06 Aug 2016Cefas G6a+Cefas G6a+BR 
Shark 07 *7432M24 hr08-09 Aug 2016Cefas G6a+Cefas G6a+IRLost after 5 h of tracking
Shark 086123M24 hr11-12 Aug 2016Cefas G6a+Cefas G6a+IR 
Shark 0972.533F24 hr02-03 Sept 2016Cefas G6a+Cefas G6a+IR 
Shark 107134F48 hr07-09 Jun 2017TechnoSmArt Axy-DepthBFC 
Shark 117132F48 hr14-16 Jun 2017TechnoSmArt Axy-DepthBFC 
Shark 1266.526F48 hr27-29 Jun 2017TechnoSmArt Axy-DepthIR 
Shark 137735M48 hr2-4 Aug 2017TechnoSmArt Axy-DepthIR 
Shark 147031F48 hr9-11 Aug 2017TechnoSmArt Axy-DepthIR 
Shark 15**8937.5F48 hr16-18 Aug 2017TechnoSmArt Axy-DepthBFCADL malfunctioned
Shark 167437F48 hr23-25 Aug 2017TechnoSmArt Axy-DepthCG 
Shark 177535F48 hr28-30 Aug 2017TechnoSmArt Axy-DepthCG 
Shark 187535F48 hr11-13 Sept 2017TechnoSmArt Axy-DepthCG 
Shark 197435M38 hr2-3 Oct 2017TechnoSmArt Axy-DepthBFC 
Shark 207833M48 hr5-7 Oct 2017TechnoSmArt Axy-DepthBFC 
Shark 2176.533F48 hr23-25 Oct 2017TechnoSmArt Axy-DepthBFC 
  1. Asterisks indicate sharks removed from analyses (* = removed from spatial analyses, ** = removed from acceleration analyses, *** = removed from all analyses). Tagging locations are abbreviated: BFC Big Fisherman’s Cove, IR Isthmus Reef, BR Bird Rock, CG Campgrounds