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Fig. 2

From: Movement behaviour of two social urticating caterpillars in opposite hemispheres

Fig. 2

a. Standardised light choice by Ochrogaster lunifer pre-pupation processions (N = 24) at initial orientation when leaving the ground nest. b. Standardised light choice by O. lunifer pre-pupation processions (N = 33) at final orientation to the bivouac following the last turn of the leader. c. Standardised light choice by Thaumetopoea pityocampa pre-pupation processions (N = 38) at first sighting. Each point represents one procession. Area shaded in grey (standardised light value less than 1) represents processions that travelled to the darker in comparison to its surroundings. Unshaded area (standardised light value above 1) represents processions that travelled to the lighter compared to its surroundings. There is no correlation between number of larvae in each procession and the choice for standardised light

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