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Table 4 Regressions of time and energy investment proxies, averaged per individual over a chick-rearing period, against the overall proportion of trips recorded at sea

From: Time and energy costs of different foraging choices in an avian generalist species

Dependent variableFactorEstimated marginal mean or coefficient ± s.e.StatisticP
Avg. N trips per dayIntercept1.73 ± 0.08  
Proportion of marine trips−0.12 ± 0.20F (1, 66)= 0.40.54
Avg. trip duration (h)Intercept4.47 ± 0.2  
Proportion of marine trips−1.3 ± 0.5F (1, 66)= 6.80.01
Avg. of summed daily ODBA (g)Intercept10.48 ± 0.53  
Proportion of marine trips1.67 ± 1.88F (1, 31)= 0.80.38
Time away from the colony (h)Intercept11.07 ± 0.53  
Proportion of marine trips−3.05 ± 1.5F (1, 51)= 4.20.046
  1. Estimated marginal means are the estimated mean for a factor level or a factor level combination. Output of the corresponding F-tests for the significance of the model terms
  2. s.e.,standard error