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Table 1 Binomial GLM for the proportion of marine trips, against the interaction between chick age, sex of the individual and period of the week

From: Time and energy costs of different foraging choices in an avian generalist species

Dependent variableFactorEstimated marginal mean or coefficient ± s.e.χ2(1)P
Proportion of marine tripsChick age0.60.454
Chick age x sex0.010.929
Chick age x weekend5.40.020
SexFemale 8.20.004
WeekendWorking day 36.2< 0.001
Sex x weekend11.00.001
FemaleWorking day0.17 ± 0.06
Weekend0.03 ± 0.01
MaleWorking day0.42 ± 0.1
Weekend0.18 ± 0.06
Chick age x sex x weekend5.90.015
FemaleWorking day−0.001 ± 0.001
Weekend0.001 ± 0.001
MaleWorking day−0.002 ± 0.002
Weekend−0.004 ± 0.003
  1. Estimate values are back-transformed from the logit scale. Estimated marginal means are the estimated mean for a factor level or a factor level combination. Output of the corresponding analyses of deviance for the significance of the model terms
  2. s.e., standard error