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Fig. 4

From: Dispersal and life-history traits in a spider with rapid range expansion

Fig. 4

Life-history traits of female Argiope bruennichi from core and edge populations. a Differences in body size measured as length of patella + tibia (in mm) for the first legs (N = 113). b Clutch size measured as total number of eggs oviposited in an egg sac (N = 113). c Hatching success measured as number of offspring hatched divided by the total number of eggs laid (N = 178). d Survival probability of spiderlings (measured as number of offspring alive after winter treatment divided by the number of offspring hatched) depending on origin and winter conditions (N = 163). Southern core populations are depicted in orange, northern edge populations in blue, frecked pattern. Thick lines indicate medians, boxes represent quartiles and whiskers show 1.5 times the interquartile range. Open circles depict outliers and asterisks extreme outliers (> 3.0 times IR)

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