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Table 4 Average puffin and razorbill feather carbon and nitrogen isotope values across all feather type samples collected in winter 2007/8, average pipefish isotope values extracted from pipefish carbon and nitrogen isoscapes, produced from samples collected in winter 2007/8, within the highest likely foraging regions during moult of both puffins and razorbills, and the difference between these values

From: Sympatric Atlantic puffins and razorbills show contrasting responses to adverse marine conditions during winter foraging within the North Sea

  Puffin Razorbill
Carbon Nitrogen Carbon Nitrogen
Average feather isotope values (‰) −15.76 13.55 −16.47 16.77
Average pipefish isotope values in most likely foraging locations during feather moult (‰) −18.22 9.88 −18.12 9.96
Difference between pipefish isotope values and seabird isotope values (‰) 2.46 3.67 1.65 6.81