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Fig. 2

From: The effect of biologging systems on reproduction, growth and survival of adult sea turtles

Fig. 2

Effects on growth. Summary of (a, b) generalised additive mixed model and (c, d) generalised linear mixed model analyses of annual growth and compound annual growth rates (CAGR) for (a, b) green and (c, d) loggerhead turtles for the complete dataset (1992–2017) mentioned in Omeyer et al. [44]. The response variables are shown on the y axis, shifted by the intercept for ease of visualisation. Grey shaded area represents 95% confidence intervals. Dashed lines represent the absence of growth. The black lines represent the model outputs for growth records of ‘non-tracked’ and ‘tracked’ females pooled and represent the model outputs presented in Omeyer et al. [44]. The blue lines represent the models outputs for ‘non-tracked’ females and for ‘tracked’ females up until year of device attachment

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