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Table 4 Estimated coefficients and 95% CIs as well as odds ratios and 95% CIs for covariates of the best model (INTEGRATED) explaining variation in daily departure probability of autumn-migrating dabbling ducks in Illinois River valley, as detected by weather surveillance radar, 1995–2009

From: The effect of weather on the decision to migrate from stopover sites by autumn-migrating ducks

Variable Coefficient 95% CI Odds ratio (OR) 95% CI for OR
WINDALOFTINDEXa 3.56 2.98–4.14 35.2 19.7–62.6
CLOUDCOVERINDEXb 1.02 0.59–1.45 2.8 1.8–4.2
PRECIPINDEXc 2.58 0.54–4.63 13.2 1.7–102.2
  1. awind aloft index (following winds yielded a value of 1, opposing winds yielded a value of 0)
  2. bcloud cover index (complete overcast was coded as 0, and partially clear skies as 1)
  3. cprecip index (absence of rain at time of departure was coded as 1, and presence of rain as 0)