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Fig. 5

From: Population-level plasticity in foraging behavior of western gulls (Larus occidentalis)

Fig. 5

a Time activity budgets of GPS tracked western gulls from Southeast Farallon Island (SFI; n = 40) and Año Nuevo Island (ANI, n = 21). Gulls were either away from the nest foraging (black bars) or in the breeding colony incubating eggs (white bars) during the study period. Shown are means ± SE where population-level differences for each activity were significantly different (statistics are reported in Results). b Population-level home ranges of gulls from SFI (blue line) and ANI (black line) determined using minimum convex polygons around the GPS tracklines. Red dots mark the locations of each breeding colony and the shaded region represents the overlap (2013 km2) between home ranges for each population

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