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Table 2 Pearson correlation coefficients (mean and range) between tortuosity (measured using the straightness index), estimated speed, absolute turn-angle, and site fidelity (spatio-temporal clustering) averaged across the six cougars described in Table 1

From: Quantifying animal movement for caching foragers: the path identification index (PII) and cougars, Puma concolor

  Straightness Index Speed Turning
Speed 0.084 (−0.035–0.164)   
Turning 0.377 (0.325–0.426) 0.280 (0.143–0.373)  
Site Fidelity 0.001 (−0.035–0.043) 0.423 (0.386–0.458) 0.175 (0.114–0.237)