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Fig. 2

From: Migratory blackpoll warblers (Setophaga striata) make regional-scale movements that are not oriented toward their migratory goal during fall

Fig. 2

Examples of migratory (a, b) and indirect (cf) movement patterns made by Blackpoll Warblers during fall migration. The path colour corresponds to the tracking duration, lines becoming lighter as tracking duration increases. Open red circles indicate locations of telemetry towers. a Migratory movement, cumulative distance = 1693 km and weighted angular concordance = 0.95. b Migratory movement, cumulative distance = 1392 km and weighted angular concordance = 0.75. c Indirect pattern, cumulative distance = 120 km and weighted angular concordance = 0.41. d Indirect pattern, cumulative distance = 174 km and weighted angular concordance = 0.99. e Indirect pattern, cumulative distance = 1576 km and weighted angular concordance = 0.13. f Indirect pattern, cumulative distance = 1033 km and weighted angular concordance = 0.10

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