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Table 2 Evaluated priors for the scaled precisions of f(si) and f(zi)

From: Patterns of livestock activity on heterogeneous subalpine pastures reveal distinct responses to spatial autocorrelation, environment and management

a b U
1 1.00E-05 0.1
1 0.00025 0.5
1 0.001 1
1 0.025 5
5 0.185 0.5
12 1.01 0.5
20 2.24 0.5
  1. The values are the shape a and the inverse-scale b of the gamma priors for τs and τz (the precisions of the spatially structure effect f(si) and the non-linear effect of elevation f(zi)), as well as the upper limit of the marginal standard deviation of the prior models U. For scaled models, a and b define U [36]. The prior value used for the rest of the results is shown in bold