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Fig. 4

From: Patterns of livestock activity on heterogeneous subalpine pastures reveal distinct responses to spatial autocorrelation, environment and management

Fig. 4

Estimated effects of six covariates on fine-scale activity patterns. The dots show the mean and the lines represent the 95 % credibility intervals of the estimated effects of standardized covariates on grazing (a), resting (b), and walking activity (c) in the six study areas A-F. Filled color symbols and bold lines are posterior estimates using a Gamma prior to τs and τz with shape 1 and rate 0.0025. Grey symbols represent the mean estimates using the other priors displayed in Table 2. The grey line is the joint range of the 95 % credibility intervals of all evaluated priors. Open symbols and thin colored lines show estimates and 95 % credibility intervals of the models without spatial terms, i.e. ignoring spatial autocorrelation

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