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Fig. 3

From: A novel approach to quantifying the spatiotemporal behavior of instrumented grey seals used to sample the environment

Fig. 3

Monthly bioprobe collective area use. Collective area use on the Scotian Shelf by 15 female adult grey seals during the 7-month post-moult pre-breeding period (mid June to December). Banks on the Scotian Shelf are outlined at the 100 m isobaths, and include French (FB), Canso (CB), Middle (MB), Banquereau (BB) and Sable Banks (SB). Intensity of area use is represented by density quantiles containing a percentage of GPS surface locations (50, 75, 95). The 25 % density quantile representing the most intensely used areas was not visible on the current map scale. These areas are located on Sable Island from June-September and over MB, CB, and BB from October-November, and scattered in December. The 95 % density quantile (light blue) corresponds to the overall collective area used (km 2). Area estimates (km 2) for the 25 % and 95 % density quantiles are shown in the upper right hand corner

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