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Table 3 Labels and explanations of parameters extracted from accelerometer data and used in RF models predicting puma behavioral classification [12,13]

From: Movement, resting, and attack behaviors of wild pumas are revealed by tri-axial accelerometer measurements

Parameter Label Definition
Axes X, Y, Z X, Y, Z axes
Magnitude M Square root of the sums of squares of the acceleration in the X, Y and Z axes
Dynamic body acceleration (in g) ODBA X, ODBA Y, ODBA Z, Mean of dynamic acceleration value along X, Y, and Z axes
Overall dynamic body acceleration ODBA Sum of ODBA X, ODBA Y, ODBA Z
Dominant power spectrum Amp X, Amp Y, Amp Z, Amp M Amplitude of dominant frequency
Dominant frequency (Hz) DFX, DFY, DFZ, DFM Frequency at dominant power spectrum
Standard Deviation of dynamic body acceleration and magnitude SDX, SDY, SDZ, SDM Standard Deviation of dynamic acceleration and magnitude in window