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Table 4 Corresponding parameter estimates for the distance-only and full models (n=697 30-min time intervals)

From: Methods for assessment of short-term coral reef fish movements within an acoustic array

Parameter Estimate SE
Distance-only model   
Intercept (b0) 7.442 0.9947
Distance (b1) -0.0261 0.0045
Distance squared (b2) 14.7E-06 4.58E-06
Full model   
Intercept (b0) 7.638 1.007
Distance (b1) -0.0264 0.0045
Distance squared (b2) 14.9E-06 4.60E-06
Tidal phase (b3) +/-0.295 0.124
  1. See Table 2 for description of explanatory variables.
  2. categorical variable.