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Table 2 Candidate predictor variables investigated for inclusion in tag transmission regression models

From: Methods for assessment of short-term coral reef fish movements within an acoustic array

Predictor Units Description
Distance m Distance between tag and receiver (range 0 to 895 m)
Distance squared m2 Square of distance
Tidal phase categorical Takes positive value at ‘slack’ tide, negative value at ‘rising/falling’ tide
Wind speed km·h-1 Continuous wind speed data averaged over interval (range 0–20.9 km·h-1); obtained from nearby National Data Buoy Center’s ‘Pulaski Shoal Light’ C-MAN Station
Solar phase categorical Takes positive value during daytime, negative value at night (based on sunrise/sunset times in Tortugas)
Depth of receiver categorical Water depth at receiver location; takes positive value >17 m, negative value <17 m (range 4 to 34 m)