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Table 1 Data summary for all female elephants with >2 years of tracking data from Save the Elephants’s tracking program

From: Using diel movement behavior to infer foraging strategies related to ecological and social factors in elephants

Individual Relative rank Start day End day Number of tracking days
M5 High 9-Jul-2001 14-Jan-2006 1371 (1273)
M35 High 11-Feb-2003 3-Jun-2005 775 (671)
M54 High 8-Jul-2001 25-Jun-2007 1447 (1310)
R28 High 9-Jul-2001 4-Apr-2004 527 (519)
M31 Mid 9-Feb-2001 9-Jan-2005 703 (689)
R22 Mid 25-Jan-2001 16-Mar-2003 739 (729)
M46 Low 13-Jan-2000 19-Jun-2003 544 (518)
R1 Low 17-Nov-2002 25-Jun-2007 1230 (1034)
M19 Variable* 10-Oct-2002 23-Oct-2005 854 (592)
  1. The tracking day counts show days with at least 20 hours of successful location downloads and are the data used in the binning and smoothing spline based analyses, and counts shown in the parentheses are sample sizes for unique triplets of three consecutive days with at least 20 hours of successful location downloads used in the regression models. The relative ranks reflect that of the collared elephant’s matriarch. *M19’s matriarch died midway through the study.