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Table 2 Outcome of mixed effects models of trip duration, nest bout duration and nest attendance (proportion of time that at least one of the parents is present the nest)

From: Simultaneous GPS-tracking of parents reveals a similar parental investment within pairs, but no immediate co-adjustment on a trip-to-trip basis

  F d.f p-value
Trip duration
Preceding trip duration partner * sex 0.1568 1 0.68
Preceding trip duration partner 0.9132 1 0.385
Sex 0.4539 1 0.521
Nest bout duration
Offspring age * sex 0.2001 1 0.781
Offspring age 43.217 1 0.009
Sex 14.5944 1 0.159
  χ2 d.f p-value
Nest attendance
Offspring age 75.47 1  < 0.001
  1. For trip duration and nest bout duration, a gamma distribution with log transformation was used, while for nest attendance, a beta regression with logit link function was used. The table presents the outcome of the full models. All models included bird ID and colony ID as random effects