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Table 1 Statistics and description of the movement of Sturnira lilium bats inhabiting a heterogeneous landscape in Brazil

From: Movement syndromes of a Neotropical frugivorous bat inhabiting heterogeneous landscapes in Brazil

Statistic description
S1 Mean forest cover
S2 Mean open area cover
S3 Mean matrix cover
S4 Mean heterogeneity
S5 Mean distance to nearest forest
S6 Mean number of Piper fruits
S7 Mean number of Solanum fruits
S8 Mean number of Cecropia fruits
S9 Proportion of observations in forest
S10 Proportion of observations in open area
S11 Proportion of habitat change
S12 Mean distance between observations
S13 Distance from first to last observation
S14 Number of distinct receivers
S15 Proportion in most frequent receiver
S16 Proportion of time-steps within observations