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Table 4 Significant main effects driving the statistical power during large-scale attraction studies using a distance-based measure

From: Analysis of local habitat selection and large-scale attraction/avoidance based on animal tracking data: is there a single best method?

Parameter name Estimate SE p
σSD -0.46437 0.03097 <0.0001
σα 42.48088 2.85130 <0.0001
Meth_iSSM 1.69953 0.09229 <0.0001
Meth_SSM 1.53532 0.09036 <0.0001
  1. Significant interaction terms have not been obtained here. Results are based on GEE analyses in combination with LASSO-based model selection. Only the SSM, iSSM, and ST-PPM methods were considered because SLRM methods showed inflated type I error rates