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Table 4 Gray Catbird (Dumetella carolinensis) apparent annual survivorship model parameter estimates

From: Migration ecology of western gray catbirds

Model Parameter Group Estimate Standard Error  
 ϕ (sex) p (site) ϕ Female 0.34 0.05  
 ϕ (sex) p (site) ϕ Male 0.43 0.04  
 ϕ (sex) p (site) ϕ Unknown 0.06 0.01  
 ϕ (sex) p (site) p MPG Ranch 0.77 0.07  
 ϕ (sex) p (site) p Other 0.34 0.10  
British Columbia
 ϕ (sex) p (sex) ϕ Female 0.61 0.06  
 ϕ (sex) p (sex) ϕ Male 0.64 0.05  
 ϕ (sex) p (sex) ϕ Unknown 0.20 0.20  
 ϕ (sex) p (sex) p Female 0.25 0.07  
 ϕ (sex) p (sex) p Male 0.72 0.07  
 ϕ (sex) p (sex) p Unknown 0.35 0.13  
  1. Parameter estimates for the top apparent annual survivorship models for Gray Catbirds in British Columbia and Montana. Cormack-Jolly-Seber models were used, which include annual survivorship (ϕ) and detection probability (p)