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Table 6 Linear models for relative body mass gain (a: 95% home range and sex; b: core area and sex) of grey seals, Sable Island, Nova Scotia, 2009–2011 and 2013–2015

From: Sex-differences in fine-scale home-range use in an upper-trophic level marine predator

 Sx3− 197.100.67101.8
 Hr + Sx4−
 Hr + Sx + Hr * Sx5−192.64.480.07101.9
 ~2− 189.67.540.0296.9
 Hr3− 187.49.770.0197.0
 Ca + Sx + Ca * Sx5−195.21.910.22103.2
 Ca + Sx4−
  1. Fixed effects of each candidate model are a) 95% home-range area (Hr) and sex (Sx); b) core area (Ca) defined as the 30% isopleth based on number of visits to a hull, and sex (Sx). Nseal = 59. Variables for model selection are Akaike’s information criteria (AICc, ΔAICc), Akaike weights (w) and log likelihood (LL)