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Fig 6

From: Sex-differences in fine-scale home-range use in an upper-trophic level marine predator

Fig 6

a-c Examples of movement tracks for three female grey seals on the Eastern Scotian Shelf. Each map shows both broad (map insert) and detailed geographical views of the movement of the seal. Due to their density, GPS locations within 15‚ÄČkm of Sable Island are not shown on the map. Bathymetry contours (depth, m) are given. GPS locations are coloured according to the behavioural categories 1 to 2 (infrequent visits to a hull; dark orange), 3 to 4 (frequent visits to a hull: green) and 5 to 6 (very frequent visits to a hull; blue) (see text for additional description of behavioural categories)

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