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Table 2 Number of estimated parameters (K), AIC, and ΔAIC (compared with best model) for 3-state HMMs with different covariate dependences during general phase for residents and non-residents, based on 1-h interval dataset. The effect of the time of day is cyclical over 24 h. For both data sets, the model with all three covariates was selected by the AIC

From: Understanding decision making in a food-caching predator using hidden Markov models

 KAICΔAICModel weight
Resident individuals
 Time of day + Temperature + Hunger476257.701
 Time of day + Temperature416285.227.50
 Time of day356312.554.80
 No covariate236370.1112.30
Non-resident individuals
 Time of day + Temperature + Hunger445849.701
 Time of day + Temperature385900.750.90
 Time of day325982.381.60
 No covariate206176.0193.70