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Fig. 1

From: Understanding decision making in a food-caching predator using hidden Markov models

Fig. 1

Different types of kill hoarding, known as caching behaviour, in Persian leopards in Tandoureh National Park and surrounding areas along the Iran-Turkmenistan borderland. a an urial ram under a tree, b an urial ram in dense vegetation, c a wild pig inside a rocky hollow, d a bezoar goat among cliffs in high elevations, e & f urial rams under cliffs at the end of valleys, g left image shows the position of a dog, which is zoomed in the right image, next to communal lands in the far background, and h a dog concealed among cliffs (Photos by M. Farhadinia, K. Hobeali, P. Behnoud, P. Moghadas and S. Firouzi)

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