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Table 2 Effects of age (Age = linear relationship, and Age2= quadratic relationship), sex, stage, species and year on trip characteristics and activity patterns of black-browed and grey-headed breeding at Bird Island, South Georgia. ‘x’ indicates terms retained in the average of the best-supported models for each response variable (full model selection and parameter estimates are listed in Additional file 1: Tables S3 and S4)

From: Effects of age on foraging behavior in two closely related albatross species

Response variablenPredictor variables
InterceptAgeAge2SexStageSpeciesYearAge: SexAge2: SexAge: StageAge2: StageAge: SpeciesAge2: SpeciesSex: StageSex: SpeciesStage: Species
Trip duration (days)158xxxxxx   xxx    
Max range from colony (km)158x  xxxx       x 
Latitude at max range (°)158xxxxxx   xxx x x−1 in daylighta66xx x  xx−1 in darknessa64x     x         
Wet bout length in daylight (mins)a66xx x            
Wet bout length in darkness (mins)a64x     x         
Prop daylight wet (%)130x    xx         
Prop darkness wet (%)128x  xxxx         
  1. a Species was not included in the model for these two metrics as sample size was very small for GHA