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Table 1 List of variables used in habitat analysis

From: Effects of age on foraging behavior in two closely related albatross species

VariableAbbreviationSourceTemporal resolutionSpatial resolution
BathymetryDEPTHGEBCO 0.02°
Bathymetric gradientDEPTH SDCalculated as standard deviation of Depth using function ‘focal’ in package ‘raster’ 0.02°
Sea surface temperatureSSTNOAA OI SST V2 High-resolution blended dataset1 day composite0.25°
Sea surface temperature gradientSST SDCalculated as standard deviation of SST using function ‘focal’ in package ‘raster’1 day composite0.25°
Eddy kinetic energyEKECopernicus global ocean gridded L4 sea surface heights and derived variables reprocessed1 day composite0.25°
Sea level anomalySLA
Wind speedWINDNOAA blended sea winds1 day composite0.25°
Chlorophyll a concentrationCHLCopernicus global ocean chlorophyll L41 day composite0.04°
Chlorophyll a concentration gradientCHL SDCalculated as standard deviation of Chl using function ‘focal’ in package ‘raster’1 day composite0.04°