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Table 1 Details of individuals, tag types, recorded trips and filtered locations

From: Habitat availability influences migration speed, refueling patterns and seasonal flyways of a fly-and-forage migrant

Tag typeName of individualSexColour morphAgeDate of captureAutumn tripsSpring tripsNumber of locations
GPSEleniFemaleDark4th year+2/6/1322131
GPSIfigeneiaFemaleLight3rd year7/6/131 334
GPSFarofylakasFemaleLight4th year+10/9/1343658
GPSMitsisN/AUnknown1st year17/10/131 254
GPSPappousMaleLight5th year+17/6/141 40
GPSForsmanMaleLight4th year+17/10/141 161
PTTAnetiFemaleLight4th year+30/9/131 94
PTTTsampoukalouFemaleLight4th year+30/9/131 44