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Table 1 Summary of acquired datasets

From: High-resolution, non-invasive animal tracking and reconstruction of local environment in aquatic ecosystems

DatasetLocationApproachSpeciesDuration (m:ss)NSetupDist. (m)TagsPoseComplexity
singleSTARESOsnorkelConger conger0:201stereo0.4noyeshigh
mixedSTARESOsnorkelMullus surmuletus,7:091,stereo0.6noyeslow
   Diplodus vulgaris 2     
schoolTanganyikadiveLamprologus callipterus0:3511multi (12)0.2yesnomedium
accuracySTARESOdiveNA3:14 - 5:00NAmulti (4)0.6NANAvarying
  1. N lists the number of tracked individuals, Dist. the minimum camera-to-camera distance in the setups, Tags whether individual animals were tagged and Pose if animal spine pose estimation was used during tracking. Complexity lists an estimate of overall complexity: high (single individual with complex posture, variable lighting and contrast, motile background elements), medium (multiple individuals, high turbidity and greater depth, visible tags), low (few individuals, good lighting, homogeneous background), varying (intentionally varied complexity). NA: not applicable