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Table 3 Relationship between habitat suitability and six environmental variables for each individual or species. Suitability models were developed with different data types, (a) detection-non detection data analyzed in an occupancy modeling framework (ψ), and movement data analyzed with step selection functions and based on different movement behavior, (b) all data (SSF-All) and (c) traveling data only (SSF-Travel)

From: Towards the restoration of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor for large mammals in Panama: comparing multi-species occupancy to movement models

Puma ψ _ +   +
SSF-All 0 0 + + +
SSF-Travel 0 0 + + +
Ocelot ψ + +   + +
SSF-All + +
SSF-Travel 0 + +
WLP ψ + +   +
SSF-All -a + + +b +/− +
SSF-Travel -a +/− +b +
  1. A zero indicates that the variable was not retained in the best supported model. aOne individual showed this pattern while the variable was not retained in the best supported models of the two other animals, bTwo individuals out of the three monitored showed this pattern. WLP stands for white-lipped peccary. See table 1 for variable code