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Table 2 Results of model selection for the ten models with the smallest ΔAIC plus a null model

From: The influence of a single species on the space use of mixed-species flocks in Amazonian Peru

veg. DTAN040.53
veg. DTAN + at. DTAN2.050.20
veg. DTAN + vig. DTAN2.050.20
veg. DTAN + at. DTAN + vig. DTAN4.060.073
vig. DTAN10.940.0023
at. DTAN11.240.0020
at. DTAN + vig. DTAN12.850.00
at. BSAN + at. WFAN + at. LWAN180.060.00
veg. BSAN + veg. WFAN + veg. LWAN180.360.00
vig. BSAN + vig. WFAN + vig. LWAN180.860.00
  1. The models relate behavioral variables of individual flock members to the space use of the entire flock. “veg” is the vegetation density, “at” is the attack rate, and “vig” is the vigilance rate. DTAN stands for Dusky-throated Antshrike, BSAN stands for Bluish-slate Antshrike, WFAN stands for White-flanked Antwren, and LWAN stands for Long-winged Antwren. We define ΔAIC as the minimum AIC subtracted from the AIC of the corresponding model; K is the number of included parameters; and w is the normalized model likelihood [11]