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Table 1 Sample sizes of birds from which geolocator data were obtained and the number of individuals, from which feathers were collected from geolocator equipped birds known to spend the winters of 2007/08 and 2014/15 within the North Sea. Timing of moult and regrowth for the Isle of May puffin and razorbill populations were taken from Harris and Wanless [22], Wernham et al., [69], Harris and Wanless, [27], Harris et al.,[28]

From: Sympatric Atlantic puffins and razorbills show contrasting responses to adverse marine conditions during winter foraging within the North Sea

  Puffin 07/08 Puffin 14/15 Razorbill 07/08 Razorbill 14/15
Number of individuals returned with GLS data 10 12 17 9
Feather Type Body Cheek Body Cheek Body Body Cheek
Isotope data + GLS data Sample Size 8 4 12 3 16 9 7
Moult Timing Jul - Sep Jan - Mar Jul - Sep Jan - Mar Jul - Sep Jul - Sep Dec - Mar