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Fig. 1 | Movement Ecology

Fig. 1

From: Modified home range kernel density estimators that take environmental interactions into account

Fig. 1

The 50% (dark grey) and 95% (light grey) isopleths of the utilization distribution of a plains zebra, as estimated by the 8 estimators in this study. The dashed diagonal line represents a railway with adjacent road that marks the border of the national park where the zebra was captured. KDE, KDEr and AKDEc represent three strategies to choose the bandwidth of the kernel density estimator. MKDE is a bridge-based interpolation of the movement path. SE-AKDEc and E-AKDE are the result of the new developments in this study, incorporating step-selection functions into the AKDE framework. IBS depicts a cloud of 720.000 simulated locations from a fitted step-selection model. The asymptotic OU distribution represents the spread of a simple Ornstein-Uhlenbeck advection-diffusion model fitted to the data

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