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Fig. 5 | Movement Ecology

Fig. 5

From: Foraging for high caloric anthropogenic prey is energetically costly

Fig. 5

Comparison between imaginary foraging trip to the closest refuse dump 30 years ago (4 km distance of the colony; in orange) and a foraging trip to the closest waste treatment center (35 km distance of the colony; in dark red). Latitude and longitude are indicated on the x and y axis in UTM (× 10.000). Breeding colony is situated at 615201.4 E, 5873649 N UTM. Every point corresponds to one GPS fix and the size of the points indicates the behavior of the animal (resting, terrestrial locomotion, soaring flight or flapping flight). Estimated energetic costs of these trips of an animal with a body mass of 1000 g are respectively 160 kJ and 362 kJ

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