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Table 1 Description of SiMRiv’s functions, excluding auxiliary functions

From: SiMRiv: an R package for mechanistic simulation of individual, spatially-explicit multistate movements in rivers, heterogeneous and homogeneous spaces incorporating landscape bias

Function Description
adjustModel Finds approximations of the simulation input parameters able to generate simulations maximally similar to a given (real) trajectory, using the multi-objective genetic algorithm NSGA-II [46]
generationPlot Plots the evolution of the optimized solutions (sets of input parameters) along the generations of the optimization algorithm during input parameter approximation to real data.
perceptualRange Defines the perceptual range to be used in a behavioral state.
sampleMovement Resamples a simulated movement to a lower temporal resolution and computes step-wise statistics of turning angle, step length and accumulated resistance.
simulate Performs fast and spatially-explicit simulation of multistate random movements of individuals in an optional landscape resistance raster.
species Creates a species to be simulated, characterized by one or more behavioral states and the respective transition matrix.
speciesModel Defines a species model for which to adjust parameters based on a real trajectory, during the optimization performed by ‘adjustModel’.
state, state.RW, state.CRW, state.Resting Defines a behavioral state to be used when defining species.
resistanceFromShape Creates a resistance raster to be used in simulations, by rasterizing and combining different shapefiles.
transitionMatrix Defines the state transition matrix, i.e. the probability of the individual switching from each behavioral state to another in each step.