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Fig. 2 | Movement Ecology

Fig. 2

From: SiMRiv: an R package for mechanistic simulation of individual, spatially-explicit multistate movements in rivers, heterogeneous and homogeneous spaces incorporating landscape bias

Fig. 2

Movements simulated with SiMRiv in homogeneous lanscape and constrained to a river. Simulated movements (3000 steps) of a random walker in A) a homogeneous landscape, and B) a river; and a “Lévy-like walker”, defined a as a two-state walker with a Random Walk state (black) and a Correlated Random Walk state (red) with a high correlation and low state switching probabilities, in C) a homogeneous landscape and D) a river. Input parameters were: step length = 10, perceptual range = 200, CRW turning angle concentration = 0.95, state switching probabilities = 0.01 in both ways

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