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Table 1 Details of tracking device deployment for collecting Herring Gull movement data used in this study

From: Winter home range and habitat selection differs among breeding populations of herring gulls in eastern North America

Breeding Population Deployment Location Years of Tracking Type of Device n Size Duty Cycle Attachment Method Capture Method
Eastern Arctic Southampton Island, Nunavut 2008, 2013–2015 Doppler PTT 8 18 g 10 h on, 24 h off Leg loop harness [28] Drop Trap [29]
Newfoundland Witless Bay, Within 75 km of Quabbin Reservoir, Massachusetts; Witless Bay, NL 2009–2013
Doppler PTT, GPS PTT 9 11-30 g 8 h on, 18 h off; 6 locations per day Chest harness [31]
Leg loop harness
Net Launcher [28]
Great Lakes Double Island, Lake Huron; Agawa Rocks, Lake Superior; Within 75 km of Quabbin Reservoir, Massachusetts 1999–2001, 2008–2009 Doppler PTT 8 20-30 g 8 h on, 72 h off Chest harness Drop Trap
Sable Island Sable Island, NS 2012–2016 GPS PTT 8 22 g 8 locations per day Leg loop harness Bow-net
Bay of Fundy Kent Island, NB; Brier Island, NS 2009–2010, 2014–2015 Doppler PTT, GPS logger 10 17-18 g 6 locations per day Leg loop harness Drop Trap