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Fig. 5

From: A spatial network analysis of resource partitioning between bumblebees foraging on artificial flowers in a flight cage

Fig. 5

Flower specificity. Effects of a activity and b experience on flower specificity for each forager in each of the 20 bee-flower networks (N = 151). Black curves and grey shaded areas show the lines of best fit (logarithmic regression) and their standard errors respectively (see details in main text). Flower specificity values range from 0 (low flower specificity: a bee visits all 10 flowers) to 1 (high flower specificity: a bee visits only one flower). “Activity” is the sum of all flower visits within each bin of eight foraging bouts performed by a bee, and “Experience” is the cumulative activity of the bee during all its previous bins of eight foraging bouts (all flower visits since the start of the experiment)

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