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Fig. 4

From: A spatial network analysis of resource partitioning between bumblebees foraging on artificial flowers in a flight cage

Fig. 4

Network modularity and bee-flower persistence. a Modularity for observed bee-flower networks built on bins of eight foraging bouts compared to modularity calculated from random networks (null model; N = 20 networks). Modularity values for which z-scores are greater than two (grey columns) are significantly different from chance (black columns below the dashed horizontal line). b Persistence of bee-flower associations. Each data point represents the p-values obtained from the chi-square test of the number of times each bee is associated with each flower in their respective bee-flower module across the twenty bins of eight foraging bouts. Average specificity value for bees foraging during the same bin of eight foraging bouts. Bees using significantly persistent flowers across time (grey dots) have p-values lower than 0.05 (dotted line)

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